José Pereira Rodriguez

Borned on February 5th, 1940 in Montevideo (Uruguay), he died on November 28th, 2016 in Paris (France).

From a young age he demonstrated a strong vocation for plastic arts. This vocation leads him to the studio of the painter Manolo Lima (a disciple of the Master Joaquín Torres García) who introduced him to painting techniques and theories of the master.

Thereafter he completed his artistic initiation at the School of Fine Arts in Montevideo, under the direction of Master Miguel Angel Pareja, whose program and lessons are based on the techniques of the Bauhaus.

In 1968 he decided to settle in Paris (France), where he fixed residence and still lives.

Since then he has participated in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United States and Uruguay, fand received favorable opinions from specialized critics.

His art is now represented in various museums such as:

  • Museum of Modern Art in Ostend (Belgium)
  • Fond des Arts Plastiques of Museum of Modern Art in Paris (France)
  • Itinerant Museum Salvador Allende SETE Paris (France)
  • Museum "Luis Gonzalez Robles" Alcalá de Henares (Madrid - Spain)

as well as in numerous private collections in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Uruguay.


National School of Fine Arts - Montevideo (Uruguay)
Group Mercado Viejo - Montevideo (Uruguay)
Cultural house - Rivera (uruguay)
Mural of EPOCA Newspaper - Montevideo (Uruguay)
U Galery - Montevideo (Uruguay)
DIA Galery - Montevideo and Punta del Este (Uruguay)
Young Men Christians Assoc. - Montevideo (Uruguay)
National des Beaux Arts Museum - Lilles (France)
Baukunst Galery - Cologne (Germany)
Albert Loeb Galery - Paris (France)
Exhibition of South American artists - Paris (France)
Ixelles Ywca Museum - Ixelles (Belgium)
Galery du Soleil - Paris (France)
Galery Delpine - Paris (France)
Galery of Editions du Musée de Poche - Paris (France)
Galery of France and Benelux - Bruxelle (Belgium)
Mural in the premises of the ANPE - Neuilly (France)
Travelling Exhibition Salvador Allende - (France)
Galery Triskele - Paris (France)
Galery Bad Honnef (Germany)
Lubam Cultural Center - Sabionneta (Italie)
French Italian Cultural Association - Bari (Italie)
Galery Moss - San Francisco (USA)
Galery Fauna's - Madrid (Spain)
L'Uruguay et ses Artisites - Paris (France)
L'Uruguay et ses Artisites - Le Caire (Egypt)
Private Exhibition B. Heier - Wiesbaden (Germany)
Château de l'Institut - Rambouillet (France)
Galery TEC - Bordeaux (France)
Uruguay Ambassy - Paris (France)
Galery Feuervogel - Frankenthal (Germany)
Inselgalerie Rettbersaue - Wiesbaden (Germany)
Galery les Lumières - Nanterre (France)
Galery DIAG - Frankfurt (Germany)
Galery im LZW - Wiesbaden (Germany)
Galery Gisela Heier - Wiesbaden (Germany)

Ibero-American Art 1900 – 1990 - Editorial Director Luis Gonzáles ROBLES - Editions UNESCO (Madrid 1996)

With thematic intention in the search for new forms of expression a coherent process is discerned in this work. From Neo-Figurativism, in which the artist’s mastery of space stands out,...

IR - Article published in the OPPERTEINER ETADTANZEIGER - (Germany 1994)

José Pereira’s works fascinate us by the richness of colors and impress us by their expressive strength. The composition and the combination of colors and formal elements are as well...

DIERHEINPFALZ - Annette Hoffmann (Germany 1994)

As KANDINSKY in his time, José PEREIRA compares painting with music and literature, these three arts being subjected to strict rules and some conventions. The artistic act has for origin...

Italo-French Cultural Association (Bari – Italy) - José Pierre (Italy 1983)

Italo-French Cultural Association (Bari – Italy) - José Pierre (Italy 1983)

Admiring Joaquin Torres Garcia who introduced modern art in Uruguayan cultural life, José Pereira is in fact nearer Klee and above all the Parisian period of Kandinsky. It appears simultaneously...

El Pais Montevideo – Dardo Billotto (Uruguay 1982)

Owner of an endless imagination, work seems like that one of a magic draftsman [...] His strong suggestion evoques the calligraphic language of a Klee and each of his paintings...

Art-Culture - Jacques Collard (Belgium 1976)

In the task of painting, where –dixit Braque- the first 70 years are the more difficult, José Pereira gives the sense of a young man who nonetheless accedes swiftly to...

José Pereira

Artiste Peintre

Tel: +33 1 45 83 42 42

Annette Hoffmann

"This independent Artist, born in Montevideo (Uruguay) and living in Paris since 1968, shows us a revealing ensemble of his whole work: oil, gouaches, drawings, collages and sculptures."