Italo-French Cultural Association (Bari – Italy) - José Pierre (Italy 1983)

Admiring Joaquin Torres Garcia who introduced modern art in Uruguayan cultural life, José Pereira is in fact nearer Klee and above all the Parisian period of Kandinsky.

It appears simultaneously in his work, cosmic preoccupations and thoughts concerning genetics laws as well as the origins of mankind.

Thanks to this encounter his work expands, aerial, joyous, almost springy, and the result is the most stimulating I know…

José Pereira

Artiste Peintre

Tel: +33 1 45 83 42 42

Annette Hoffmann

"This independent Artist, born in Montevideo (Uruguay) and living in Paris since 1968, shows us a revealing ensemble of his whole work: oil, gouaches, drawings, collages and sculptures."