Art-Culture - Jacques Collard (Belgium 1976)

In the task of painting, where –dixit Braque- the first 70 years are the more difficult, José Pereira gives the sense of a young man who nonetheless accedes swiftly to the international league.

Painter of “signs”. You evoque Klee wrongly or rightly?. Klee’s painting is also “magical”. And that is unmistakenly the case of José Pereira’s where each form has its “burden” and each symbol present itself in a state of activation…

José Pereira

Artiste Peintre

Tel: +33 1 45 83 42 42

Annette Hoffmann

"This independent Artist, born in Montevideo (Uruguay) and living in Paris since 1968, shows us a revealing ensemble of his whole work: oil, gouaches, drawings, collages and sculptures."